I’m a senior analyst working at TD Bank in Toronto, Canada. My job focuses on data oversight and lifecycle management; I write code for my work, but mostly just for fun.

Not a hardcore developer per se as I don’t come with the Computer Science background, but I think anyone with the desire to learn can benefit from technology because it’s so awesome.

From my perspective, blogging is a systematic way of contemplation and reflection, and I need this reason to push myself to incorporate the learning into my routine, otherwise I would lost track of it. Besides, static websites looks fantastic and, in my opinion, are a much more elegant solution than WordPress.


  • Efficient data cleaning and manipulation
  • Exploratory and descriptive analysis
  • Intuitive dashboard design
  • Metric/KRI development methodology
  • Process workflow improvement and tooling efficiency

My toolbox

  • R (tidyverse)
  • Tableau
  • VBA
  • Python


  • Knitting
  • Explore new tools
  • Google random questions
  • Doodles
  • Dungeons & Dragons and RPG video games

Time management and productivity is a timeless topic.

The website icon is drew by myself.