How to Sync Atom Packages Between Devices


Aster Hu


June 27, 2020


On June 8, 2022, Atom is offically shutdown by Github1.
R.I.P Atom!

Atom itself doesn’t provide cloud syncing. Lucky, there’re other options out there can provide sync support.

I’m using Sync-settings, which can synchronize both packages and settings.


Sync-settings package need to be installed in both devices.

Simply search sync-settings in Atom packages or install via package link.

Create Personal Access Token and Configure

This should be done on the device to be backed up.

  1. Create a personal access token.
  2. In the settings, we only need to tick permission Gist: create gists.
  3. Copy the generated personal access token
  4. Paste to sync-settings configuration under Personal Access Token

Create a Gist and Configure

Same as above, do it on the device that needs to be backed up

  1. Create a new gist
  • Leave description empty
  • Use packages.json in “Filename including extension…”
  • Type anything on the body
  1. Save the gist and copy the generated gist id.
  2. Paste gist id in sync-settings configuration under Gist ID

Create Backup

On the same device, use Cmd⌘ Shift⇧ P to open Atom Command Palette.

In the pop up window, enter sync-settings and choose sync-settings: backup. There should be a window notifying that the backup has been created.

Restore from Backup

Now we need to get the same gist id and paste to the second device.

  1. On the second device, go to
  2. Click “See all of your gists” on top right corner. The gist we created is saved in here
  3. Open the gist, copy the last part of url after the username >
  4. Paste the gist id in sync-settings configuration under Gist ID
  5. Cmd⌘ Shift⇧ P to open Atom Command Palette, and enter sync-settings: restore

Now just grab a coffee and wait until Atom finish installing all packages. The settings and packages have been synced between two devices.